Formation:  3-4-3 


  • 3 Forward close together to emphasize 3v2 situations against opposing centerbacks.
  • T3 central defenders tight – responsible for opposing forwards
  • Wide midfielders/ wingbacks – responsible for highest guy on your wing when defending. If team attacks up middle, tuck in as a wingback and becomes 5 back system. Always provides width in attack, and gets in behind defense.
  • 2 Central Players – provide support for play and defensive cover on strong side and weak side midfielder gets in to allow a switch and combination for far wing.



Please watch and attempt to understand these links. Do not overload yourself with complicated explanations as I will teach them in ways that are much easier. Try to understand basic concepts. Click examples and wait about 10-15 seconds and the play will develop. Take notice to where you are when combining into attack and WHERE YOU END UP AT THE END OF THE PLAY!

    • Emphasizes Combination plays and how we will attack
  • Videos for defending, please watch in free time
  • Link to Manchester City vs Napoli in Champions league. Take notice to NAPOLI as they play exactly how we will be playing!!

U16 Boys College Prep Select Soccer

MTSA Premier ‘99

U16 Boys College Prep Select Soccer

August 2014 – July 2015

U16 Season will Include:

Season includes entire year:  August 1  2014 to July 30, 2015)

1)      Registration into MAPs and US Club leagues.   including player pass cards

2)      Registration Fee to Mantua Soccer Club ($125)

3)      Home and Away jersey included

4)      Fall season to include practice/beginning November and tournament.

5)      Spring Season to play full 8-10 league games, Cup and Tournaments

6)      Registration in Spring NJ State Cup Tournament

7)      Minimum of six MSSL / Showcase tournaments (Nov – July)

8)      Friendly Games to hone skills and test what is learned at practices

9)      Training schedule starting in November-July –  (2x/week in Spring)

10)  Winter indoor training sessions

11)  College Prep material and discussions

12)  Professional Coach/Trainer Carl Heil at practices and games to direct team


Goals for U16 Season

The focus of MTSA Premier  is player development  for those that have an interest in playing soccer in High School and College. Training and competitions are scheduled with the intent to challenge every player to reach his potential as a soccer athlete.  The objective is to learn the entire game – to play in any formation for any coachThe expectations of the players are set at a higher but achievable level.  Each player will challenge themselves and team mates for positions and play time.


  • MTSA will continue to play in MAPS (including CJYSL and US Club).
  • Move from MAPS to include EDP; basically elite Maps for Region 1 soccer teams by fall 2015
  • Next stage in college prep for players (sophomores)
  • Tournaments to include College Showcase tournament in region
  • Increase strategic learning of the game; formations, positions and field play
  • Continue marketing Promotion of the team (New Website and Blog, keep Team Snap, marketing material, sponsors, internet exposure, branding.



Communication All the communication will continue through Team Snap – Web, Android, Apple or Blackberry 10.   You can email or call directly.  We are available to discuss various topics.   Please try to wait until 24 hours after a game to settle disputes.













Tournaments Proposed (Not all – Min of 6 )



Tournament Month State GS Rank Designation
EDP Winter Showcase* 11/30/14 NJ 1 Premier Elite
Manhattan Cup Feb NY 2 Premier Elite
Jeff Cup March MD 9 Premier Elite
Maps College Showcase* April NJ 76 Platinum
Bloomsburg College Show May PA 181 Gold
Columbia Invitational * May MD 69 Platinum
EDP Maps Cup* June NJ 3 Premier Elite
Kirkwood June DE 40 Premier Elite
Rider June NJ
Mid Atlantic Cup* June PA 57 Premier Elite
 Maps Classic  July  NJ

*    Most likely tournaments

MTSA Try-outs

Every year we look at our team, evaluate how we did, and look at how we can improve.    MTSA Premier invests in its players, offering many individual and team development opportunities.   Each of our players can be put into any High School or College system, understand it and blossom in it. This is evidenced by the 9 kids that played high school varsity soccer as freshmen, 7 of them starting.  This cannot be said for some of the teams we play against.   We have noticed that players that have guest or showed up at our try-outs are talented but only a few understand the game of soccer.  We have faced opponents with better skill, some bigger and faster; but very few have better team play.  


After talking to the captains and Coaches, we are taking a different approach to Try-outs this Year.   We are NOT doing a mass try out with forms and everyone competing. We have a solid core team but are looking to solidify team depth to challenge or back up our starters;  on defense, in the midfield, and at striker and goalie.  We are looking for skill players who love soccer, engage with it at a professional level (watch on TV) and will fit into the current “locker room” atmosphere our boys have created.


If you know of someone that wants to learn soccer, is looking to continue possible play in college and can match our skill level; invite them to visit our team.   We are taking walk on trials at our training sessions. This will allow us to see their skill and knowledge of the game and they will get to see us.  If they would like to play in our upcoming tournament, please ask them to participate in our upcoming practices.   We have a tournament on May 18th – 3 games in one day.  We are looking to bring guest players to try-out for permanent positions.

 Remember, even if they are playing for another team, that will end August 1, 2014.  

May 5thRegular practice to qualify for May 18th guest play


May 12th  7pm to 8:15

May 21st  7pm to 8:15

June 7th:  10am – 12pm

August 2nd  10:30 -12pm


Check out our website:

OR     Blog

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