Key word for rising seniors – short list.

Juniors, what’s the number one piece of advice from a college-bound senior?  Start the college selection and planning process early!!  The earlier, the better!


Not surprisingly, many juniors have a hard time accepting the fact that, in just 6 short months, they will be seniors, and subsequently, they will be applying to college.  This notion may feel a bit scary- after all, it involves a lot of change.  So, because kids love to procrastinate, they might put off serious college planning, research, and college visits until summer.  The problem with this approach is that summer tends to get busy and fly by in a flash.  When students finally start to think about college in earnest, possibly half way through the summer, they get overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices, the lengthy applications, personal statements, and more.  But it doesn’t have to go this way!

Key word for rising seniors – short list.   You were ask to put a list together your sophomore year of 20+ potential colleges.   That list was cleaned up and Adjusted junior year with the Top 15.   That list was the focus of communication and showcases.   That should have started serious conversations with potential colleges.

The summer of a rising senior should be filled with college visits (non-soccer) and college ID college specific camps.  By the end of summer, the student-player needs to have a short list (under 7) of targeted colleges.   On the other side, the Student-player needs to be on the short list of college coaches.  You should be having communication (email, in-person, etc) with the coaches.   Their feedback should let you know there is interest.

Next step is to send the application for admission to the college.  After acceptance, circle back to the coach for roster spots.

National Letter of Intent for Soccer and Men’s Women:            February 1, 2017



Finding the Right College

Finding the Right College Summary


Right College

POST – Tournament email to college coaches – example

Hi Coach Black,


Thanks for your email.  I have two videos, a 2013 highlight video and a 2014 highlight video.  Here is a link to both of them:


Enter First video link…………….

Enter Second video link………….


I have been in contact with our manager and club coach and our team has applied to Dallas Cup and I will let you know if we are accepted.  If we do not play Dallas, we will play the Las Vegas Showcase. We will also be playing in the Coastal League out here on the West Coast.


Here is a link to my high school transcript.  I will have the updated transcript through the first half of my junior year later this week.


Enter link (PDF) of the academic transcript………..


Here is a picture of my current grades this semester that calculate to a weighted 4.0:


I am taking a practice ACT in December and the real ACT and SAT in early February.  I have been taking ACT classes.


Looking forward to your thoughts,


A recruit.







Dear Coach Black,

Thank you for coming out to tournament name today and watching some of our game. I was excited to hear that you asked my manager about my colleges of interest. I am definitely interested in the University both academically and for the soccer program. At this point I am thinking about majoring in business, and, of course, I’m interest in the business is an excellent business school. My overall GPA is a 3.83, however I am currently pulling a 4.0 this semester. As my coach my have mentioned, a few of my strengths are my speed, my play making ability and the fact I can play off of both feet (although I consider myself mainly left-footed).

I am including a link here to my NCSA recruiting profile to give you more information and some videos of me. I would like to get on the phone when you have a chance to discuss what it would take to earn a spot on your roster.


A Reruit

Pre Tournament email to College Coach – example

Dear Coach [Recipient Name]:

My name is John Doe and I am a midfielder on the East Coast Raders Club Team.  I am currently a junior at Essex High School and beginning my college search.  I am interested in attending Boston University and contributing to your soccer program.  I believe Boston University is a good fit for me academically and athletically and have attached my resume for your review.


I would very much like you to watch me play.  I will be in Des Moines, Iowa with my club team, East Coast Raders, for the National Showcase in a few weeks. If you or one of your staff is planning on making the trip, I would love it if you would watch me play.  My squad number is 14 and I play as a Central Midfielder.  As of right now, here is our team’s schedule for the tournament:


Saturday, July 4: 12:00 PM vs. Team X on field 16.

Sunday, July 5: 12:00 PM vs. Team Y on field 12.

Monday, July 6: 3:30 PM vs. Team Z on field 10.


If there are any changes to our schedule, I will make sure to email you with any updates in a prompt fashion.  My attached resume also includes a list of upcoming tournaments.


I recently visited your athletic program’s website and completed the online player profile questionnaire.  I also noticed that your team has had a great deal of success in your non-conference schedule. Based on your online roster, it looks like you are graduating three midfielders in the year in which I would enter.  I hope you will consider me in your 2015 recruiting class.


I believe that I could be an asset to your program both on and off the field. Thank you for your time and I hope you can make the trip to Nationals to watch us play.


Links to NCAA College and Universities Soccer programs

tournament, College Bound America Colleges Fielding Soccer Teams

Links to NCAA College and Universities Soccer programsDIV  IMEN












Junior Colleges Link

Pre Tournament Email template



Dear ______________ [Coach’s Name],


My name is ___________ and I live in ____________.  I am finishing my sophomore year at _________________ [High school].  I am happy to say that __________ [College Name] is at the top of my list of colleges of interest mainly due to its academic program in [insert name of Program] as well as your soccer program.


I believe my academic accomplishments make me an ideal candidate for your school. At the moment, I have an unweighted GPA of _____ [GPA] and a weighted GPA of _____[GPA].  Also, I am one of the starting forwards for my High School Soccer team, which was last year’s FHSAA State Finalists in the 6A schools.  I am also a starter for my club team, ______________.  You can learn more at the following links:


Player Profile:  http://www.

Club Website:  http://www.

My Personal Page in Ranking:  http://www.


I will be playing for my club team ________________ in the following upcoming tournament(s):

Tournament Name, Location, Dates

Tournament Name, Location, Dates
I would appreciate it if you would evaluate me during the tournament(s).  I am very interested in learning more about your program and how I can help your program succeed.


I will provide you with the time and field locations for my games one week prior to the tournament via email just in case you’re interested.  My jersey number is #9 and I will be playing in the Forward/Midfielder position. I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at my e-mail __________or telephone number _________.


Once again, thank you so much for your time, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you,





Grad Year

NCAA Recruiting Rules and Calendar

I know we are still early and implementing our 5 year plan for the boys.   But this is important for the players and parents to understand.  Yes thetre is a lot of competition out there but Sovver is more popular now and colleges are looking to complete ta good  team.


NCAA Recruiting Rules and Calendar (Link Below)
Understanding recruiting rules is a daunting task. Recruiting differ for each sport and Division and may change
year to year. We have compiled a summary of recruiting rules specific to the sport of soccer that are most pertinent
to you. This material was gathered from the NCAA Eligibility Center’s “2013-14 Guide for the College-Bound
Student Athlete”. This guide can be found online and also includes useful information on academic eligibility
requirements, athletically related financial aid, and other topics.
College coaches must follow the rules outlined below. You are expected to follow these rules as well. Recruiting
terms are defined at the end of this document




coach to see you play. Knowing what to put in the video is crucial. A poorly made video will be quickly discarded.
Below you will find recommendations on making an effective video and how to get coaches to watch it.
Keep in mind that a video alone will not earn you a scholarship. The goal of submitting a video is to gain interest from
college coaches, who will likely want additional information from you (e.g., schedule of upcoming tournaments,
additional full game footage, transcripts, etc.). Visit our website for additional recruiting materials
including a template player resume and a pre-tournament letter for college coaches.
Highlight vs. Full Game. Most coaches are limited with time and prefer a highlight video verses a full game video to
start. If a coach is interested in you after watching the highlight video or has seen you perform well at a tournament,
they may ask for a full game video.
Label the Video. Make sure you clearly label the outside of the dvd with your name, graduation year, team, player
position, and contact information. Also, include the same information as the starting still frame on the video (especially
if you are uploading to youtube). If the video is full game footage, also include the name of your team, the opposing
team, the date of the match and the venue.
Identify Yourself. Many recruits miss this important step! The coach does not want to guess at where you are in the
video. Start each highlight clip with an identifying mark such as an arrow pointing to you or a circle around you. This
can be done with some video editing software by inserting a still frame that has been edited with the identifying mark.
This blog -making-recruiting-Video discusses software editing for this purpose.
Quality is Important. If you are taking video yourself, make sure to use a tripod and get the right angles. Try to shoot
from the middle of the field and shoot from an elevated angle if possible. Coaches want to see the play develop so you
need to capture a wide angle. The video should show the whole game not just a zoomed shot of a single player. Lastly,
if the sound is distracting, remove it.
What to Include? When making a highlight video, make sure to include at least 5 seconds on each side of the play so
coaches can see the play develop. Show your best attributes and try to capture a range of skills (tackling, attacking,
heading, finishing, passing under pressure, etc.). Include current video not your best performance in 7th grade.
Length. Ideally, keep the highlight video under 5 minutes. Put your best material early in the video (first 30 seconds) to
capture the coach’s attention. A three-minute video may provide plenty of material for a coach to initiate contact.
How can you improve the odds of a coach watching the video? Upload your video to youtube so it is just a click
away from watching. Many coaches prefer a link to an actual DVD. Our online player resume template has instructions
for linking your video to your resume.
Don’t send unsolicited video. Make contact with a coach via phone, email or online recruiting forms prior to sending the
video. Consider writing a very brief and personal email to a coach with a direct link to your video. Do not send a
generic mass email. To stand out, consider writing a handwritten note!
If possible, visit the college and put the video in the hands of the coaching staff. It is common for students on tours to
stop by the athletic office to introduce themselves.


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