U.S. U-17 MNT defeats Russia 4-0 to win group at French tournament

U.S. U-17 MNT defeats Russia 4-0 to win group at French tournament

By News Desk / March 28, 2016


BRETIGNOLLES SUR MER, France (Via U.S. Soccer) – The U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team came out on top of Group B at the 44th Mondial Football de Montaigu after dominating Russia 4-0. The USA will face France for the tournament title on March 28 at 12:30 p.m. ET.

The U.S. attacked Russia quickly with the opening goal coming in the first minute from George Acosta, who was assisted by Ayomide Akinola. Minutes later, Acosta completed his brace in the seventh minute with the help of Blaine Ferri.

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The second half started much the same with Akinola scored in the 43rd minute with Timothy Weah grabbing the assist. Just four minutes later, Akinola earned his brace after Christopher Goslin set him up for the goal.

In Group B, the U.S. lands on top with five points with a goal differential of four followed by Brazil (5) with a goal differential of two, England (4) and Russia (1).

– U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team Match Report –

Match: U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team vs. Russia
Date: March 26, 2016
Competition: 44th Mondial Football de Montaigu
Venue: Bretignolles Sur Mer, France
Kickoff: 12 p.m. ET
Weather: 50 degrees

Scoring Summary:           1              2              F
USA                                       2              2              4
RUS                                        0              0              0

USA – George Acosta (Ayomide Akinola)                               1st minute
USA – George Acosta (Blaine Ferri)                           7
USA – Ayomide Akinola (Timothy Weah)                               43
USA – Ayomide Akinola (Christopher Goslin)       47

USA: 12-Justin Garces; 2-Jean Julien Foe Nuphaus (13-Arturo Vasquez, 51), 4-Chris Durkin (capt.), 5-Tyler Shaver, 14-Kelee Cornfield Saunders; 8-Christopher Goslin (6-James Sands, 51),10-Blaine Ferri (19-Niccolo Lemoine, 76), 20-George Acosta (3-Rayshaun McGann, 76); 17-Timothy Weah, 7-Ayomide Akinola (11-Andrew Carleton, 51), 16-Adrian Villegas (9-Josh Sargent, 41)
Subs Not Used: 1-Alex Budnik, 15-Jake Arteaga, 18-Nicolas Garcia Morillo
Head Coach: Shaun Tsakiris

RUS: 1-Anton Shitov; 2-Aleksandr Evinov, 4-Aleksandr Mikhailov, 3-Vladimir Moskvichev (15-Artem Giurdzhan, 41), 5-Dmitrii Zavarukhin; 8-Nail Umiarov, 10-Alexey Mironov (19-Vladislav Karapuzov, 61), 20-Dimitry Velikorodnyy (17-Danil Prutsev, 49); 6-Ilia Gomaniuk (13-Semen Radostev, 41), 11-Danill Lopatin (18-Mikhail Ageev, 41), 9-Kirill Kolesnichenko
Subs Not Used: 14- Rail Abdullin, 12- David Sangare
Head Coach: Dimitrii Vlianov

Misconduct Summary:
RUS – Aleksandr Evinov (caution)                              13th minute                      
USA – Ayomide Akinola (caution)                              28
RUS – Dmitry Velikorodnyy (caution)                       31           
RUS – Aleksandr Mikhailov (caution)                        55           
RUS – Semen Radostev (caution)                                              64
USA – Niccolo Lemoine (caution)                                               77
USA – Chris Durkin (ejection)                                      80           
RUS – Aleksandr Evinov (ejection)                            80                          

Referee: Philippe Vinche                              
Assistant Referee: Damien Boudaud
Assistant Referee: Pascal Fernandes       
4th Official: Guillerme Devaud

Man of the Match: Ayomide Akinola

*Match was 80 minutes and played on natural grass.


Why we learn about Physics for soccer

Magnus effect, generation of a sidewise force on a spinning cylindrical or spherical solid immersed in afluid (liquid or gas) when there is relative motion between the spinning body and the fluid. Named after the German physicist and chemist H.G. Magnus, who first (1853) experimentally investigated the effect, it is responsible for the “curve” of a served tennis ball or a driven golf ball and affects the trajectory of a spinning artillery shell.


See Video in Link below




MIGUEL NUILA – Miguel first came to LMSC in 1999. During his time at LMSC, he has coached numerous teams, most notably the LMSC Velez. Miguel first coached this group in 1999 when they were the Under 8 Developmental Team. Many of the Velez players began playing at the college level in the fall of 2010. The Velez were still playing in the summer of 2011, playing in the Under 20 Super League, one of the top amateur leagues in the nation. Along the way, Miguel led the team to several state titles and Region I championships. The team qualified for the National Championships twice. With the Velez team heading off to college, Miguel took over the LMSC Sarsfield team in 2010.


Niguel also Coaches the U23 Philly UNited Team  

F2 in New York with Chelsea FC

Published on Jul 27, 2015

We were invited to tour New York with Chelsea FC & adidas! Heres just some of the stuff we got up to! #BeTheDifference

Make sure to follow us on instagram, twitter & facebook for more exclusive content from our time in New York!

Twitter @F2Freestylers
Instagram @TheF2
Facebook /TheF2Freestylers


MTSA Premier joined the EDP league for U17 soccer

The Commitment Required for EDP Participation

By participating in the EDP a team undertakes that its EDP schedule will take priority over any other ongoing competition. This means:

1 Teams agree to play an EDP game every weekend. These games will be scheduled at the start of the season. The home team will make best efforts to accommodate the wishes of the away team about starting time, etc. but ultimately the home team will set the time and venue (on the weekend set by the league) and the away team must turn up and play.

2 If, on occasion, a team cannot do this for a valid reason: e.g., attending a marquee tournament such as the Dallas Cup, (but not commitments to other league or cup competitions) then that game must be made up as soon as possible, preferably before the originally scheduled date.

3 If a team plays in another competition a game may clash unavoidably with a previously scheduled EDP game. In such cases this team must provide notice well in an advance that this conflict may arise, and offer to play their EDP opponent on the other day that weekend. Any exception to this requirement must be approved by the EDP office.

4 Injuries, player or coach conflicts, or the inability to field 11 players are not valid reasons to cancel a game. (EDP rules allow use of other players carded with the same club, and clubs at this level are expected to have backup coaches available.)

5 EDP clubs/teams are expected to support other EDP programming e.g., tournaments, the TIP program and EDP College ID Camps.

Note: All EDP NPL division games will be played with US Club cards and rosters.

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Mean Guy Running – 4H Mud run

4H Mud Run Tickets, Harrison Township | Eventbrite

It’s Gloucester County’s own 4H Mud Run. Run the 5k(ish) course over, under, and through mud and obstacles. The course is designed for any age, however, under 12 will need an adult to run with them.  All participants will need to initial and sign the Waiver  Waiver

The race takes place Saturday morning of the Gloucester County 4H Fair. There will be a $10 parking fee, however, if you are able to go to packet pickup (location tbd), parking passes will be half priced. This parking pass is good all weekend (Thursday-Sunday).  

Spectators do not need a ticket, however, parking fees still apply.

Please be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your heat to allow time to park, sign waivers, and make your way to the starting line. 

Let see if we can get this as a team event

March to the Cups Champions 2015

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The most talented trick shot specialists

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