Key word for rising seniors – short list.

Juniors, what’s the number one piece of advice from a college-bound senior?  Start the college selection and planning process early!!  The earlier, the better!


Not surprisingly, many juniors have a hard time accepting the fact that, in just 6 short months, they will be seniors, and subsequently, they will be applying to college.  This notion may feel a bit scary- after all, it involves a lot of change.  So, because kids love to procrastinate, they might put off serious college planning, research, and college visits until summer.  The problem with this approach is that summer tends to get busy and fly by in a flash.  When students finally start to think about college in earnest, possibly half way through the summer, they get overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices, the lengthy applications, personal statements, and more.  But it doesn’t have to go this way!

Key word for rising seniors – short list.   You were ask to put a list together your sophomore year of 20+ potential colleges.   That list was cleaned up and Adjusted junior year with the Top 15.   That list was the focus of communication and showcases.   That should have started serious conversations with potential colleges.

The summer of a rising senior should be filled with college visits (non-soccer) and college ID college specific camps.  By the end of summer, the student-player needs to have a short list (under 7) of targeted colleges.   On the other side, the Student-player needs to be on the short list of college coaches.  You should be having communication (email, in-person, etc) with the coaches.   Their feedback should let you know there is interest.

Next step is to send the application for admission to the college.  After acceptance, circle back to the coach for roster spots.

National Letter of Intent for Soccer and Men’s Women:            February 1, 2017



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