MTSA Premier Boys Soccer locates in South Jersey

MTSA Premier is part of the Mantua Township soccer area located in South Jersey.  MTSA Premier is a newer team that was established for serious soccer players.  Conveniently located in south Jersey soccer, we have kids in the Gloucester surrounding areas.   We have players from Deptford, Mantua, Harrison, Blackwood, Gloucester Twp., Pennsville, Clayton and Glassboro.  WE are part of the CJYSL playing in the MAPs Division.


Individual player development as they understand their role within a team sport.  We focus on skills, tactics, strategy and team play.  Our trainer incorporates layer discussions, whiteboards, film study, and on field drills.

Team spirit and Camaraderie:  Bringing Long term dedicated young men together to learn, compete and support each other as they execute team goals.  Teaching the Entire Game


Core Philosophy ~ Skill,  Heart, Intellect, Fitness, Training



We invite all serious soccer players out to a practice.   Download a summary of our team  or email us

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