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MTSA Premier is a College Prep select soccer team. The focus of MTSA Premier is individual player development to allow them to understand their role within a team sport. We focus on skills, tactics, strategy, and team play. Our training incorporates physical and mental development of the game.    Player discussions, whiteboards, film study, and on field drills results in adaptability of a player no matter the coach or system.  Follow our blogs posted to the right on several areas to better you as an Athlete.


Our success is based on the foundation and teachings of our Trainer Connor Hurff.   Connor’s playing experience at the college level allows him to gain the respect of the players and teach the entire game. From basic skill set to strategic tactical learning, your sons will be well prepare for their future soccer careers, no matter the formation or coach.

Connor was the Region 2010 Player of the Year .  He was recruited by Rutgers University (D1).  After an injury, he transferred Rutgers Camden.  Currently a Captain of the Rutgers Camden soccer team and has connections with several college coaches.  Connor brings the college game to us and shares what colleges are looking for to recruit



  • Established South Jersey Premier Team
  • Academy Level Program at reasonable cost
  • Premier level play in MAPs, US Club, MSSL, and regional games and events.
  • Professional, experienced training and coaching at practice and games
  • Competitive play to challenge and instruct the player on various formations and techniques
  • College Showcase, college prep information
  • Teaching entire aspects of team game
  • Independent Club – no license or franchise fees; resulting in a program custom to team


MTSA Premier is looking for a few players to add to roster.

MTSA is an established MAPs team  and we are looking for serious soccer players to add to our team. Professional trained and Coached. Located in South Jersey (Mantua area).
Fill out the Player Interest Form for MTSA Premier if you are ready for the challenge or just email our Team Manager at MTSAPremier@gmail.com


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